We are talking about the heaviest of metal but not in the manner that you must be imagining. The subject matter here is the metallurgy factories and steel fabricators in Dubai. Dubai is a megacity; it is the epitome of a hustling and bustling cosmopolitan. All the construction and industrialization demands a lot of metal bending and metal-based products. There are countless establishments in UAE, to cater to its rising demands of infrastructure.

The Metal Giants of Dubai:

As the governing body of the UAE is becoming more and more concerned about the oil running out, they are preparing the country to become a tourist destination. More and more construction projects for malls, sports arenas, and theme parks are rising in Dubai. Among these metal giants, a behemoth of skyscrapers is a new kind of race for the wealthy sheiks.

Every new tower is aimed to reach new heights from the last one. Engineers, workers, and construction crews from all over the world go to UAE to become part of this metal race. More and more metal fabrication plants are being established to contribute to the frames of these colossus towers.

The Process of Metal Bending:

Fabrication is a process by which a metal is molded into the required shapes and specifications. One of the most popular methods of cutting metal is waterjet cutting. As indicated by its name, the waterjet method uses a very high-pressure stream of water to cut through hardened metals like steel.

We have all heard about the frightening power of water, but waterjet is the practical example of this myth. With the right pressure and concentration, water can cut through metal and bend the metal to its will. This process is also the most effective method for metal bending.


UAE is one of the most developed and wealthiest countries in the world. Dubai is the center of economic activities in Dubai. The administrative authorities of the UAE are working hard to develop Dubai into a tourist destination to survive any possible oil famine in the future.

Dubai gives birth to more and more skyscrapers and construction projects to become a metropolis. A construction demand, tons of metal is processed in metal factories of Dubai every year. These factories contain a large number of metal fabrication units. The most prevalent and cost-effective method of metal bending is waterjet cutting.