Today everyone is concerned about the use of energy, and everyone is trying to cut back, and become a greener enterprise; Therefore, to reduce their carbon footprint. Therefore, this presents a catch as a center and more valuable electric car charging parking Dubai, and the parking fee to be a gift. However, we also need to understand that many parking robot hydraulic operating structures, and therefore the use of energy, although important, is not about whether you expect or believe, at least most of these systems.

In doing shopping for robotic parking garage, equipment and structure of the company should ask a lot of questions, such as energy use for parking each individual and should be divided into two vehicles for car recovery also requires energy. But lift the car needs more energy, and then bring it back, and some of this type of robotic system designed to save money in the back street.

Therefore, if you consider the kind of fully robotized parking robot, then you need to get around, and also consider the cost of construction and equipment is amortized over 20 years, then add the estimated cost of energy, and divided by the number of working days. After doing this, you will have a better understanding of the cost structure between different types of units available. Given all of this.


FATA system does not use the hydraulic system does not seem possible here.  Many suppliers of hydraulic rejected because its performance characteristics at different temperatures. And also notes that renewable energy systems, similar to the concept used in hybrid cars are becoming more common, although the cost is a consideration.

Themes climate issues and the temperature is a fairly common problem. If you remember in the aviation sector, the requirements of the FAA to change due to hydraulic fluid to the environment, but then ran into problems with the landing gear. Remember the wheel wells are very cold and the air pressure, see a problem with the hydraulic system? Also in the Dubai desert using fuel cell buses and hydrogen cooling converters problems and very hot face. Therefore, the temperature is not a problem, regardless of the industry. To a regenerative braking system, the same system used in containers from the port to offload, which store large amounts of power take account of the various models of the cargo ship recently more than 20,000 containers they think. an innovative automatic car parking system in Dubai and use what works.