The love of cars is a very different kind of love. There is no explanation of why we have so much feelings for our cars. There are even people who have gotten their car in such a good condition that it does not seem like that it has ever been used.

Go here and know more about Range Rover maintenance. There are different kinds of car lovers and there are some who like high tech cars, there are some who like fast cars, there are some of us who like the sports car but there are some us who like to have a car that has some old touch it in and that has all the high tech as well, like a fusion of the old and new.

If you have this preference then we suggest that buy the range rover car and any type of range rover car. Because it has the interior of old fashioned way with all the high tech and the exterior is shaped like the ones of the latest SUVs.

If you are about to buy and you want to know more about the car, then we are here for you to give some amazing facts about this car, keep reading to know more;

  1. Range rover also goes by the name of Land rover and this company was started in1948 and it changed its name from land rover to range rover 30 years ago.
  2. Range rover oldest car was a four wheel drive and its name was Willy Jeep.
  3. This is a British company and it got famous in 1978 when they started making family cars like big SUVs that would fit a small family of six to seven people. yes, in the old days, a family of eight was also said to be small.
  4. There was something more special about this company of this car and that was that it made the steering wheel in the middle of the car and that is why some people in the past said that driving this car was much more easier.
  5. Range rovers were also used in world war two and these cars specially designed by a designer named Maurice Wilks and he was basically a farmer who owned a farm in Wales and he designed the engines of the car as well.

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