Couples who get married, normally their first priority is to get their offspring in order to strengthen their bond with each other. Most of the couples will get this privilege without any problem but some of them have to struggle for getting pregnant. Sometimes the difficulty is from the side of the females and I this case they can use the treatment of IVF. Although the IVF cost in Dubai is high but it will give better results and even couples from other countries go there to get this treatment or to get the treatment of IUI. Both IVF and IUI treatment cost in UAE differ due to the procedure which has to be taken in both. If you want to know then here are some of the details:

Sperms: To get pregnant it is necessary that the male part of the couple will have healthy and good count of sperms otherwise it will be very difficult or impossible for the female to get pregnant. It is necessary that the testicles should work properly so that they will yield fertile and good sperms to help in getting pregnant. Number of the sperm is important too but the health of them is more important because if there are plenty of sperms but the healthy ones are only few then they will be of no use. Unhealthy sperms will die even before getting close to the female egg and then produce nothing. Sometimes when couple gets difficulty in conceiving then the sperm count and their health should also be checked.

Egg: On the other hand if there is any problem in the health of the female egg then it will be difficult for the lady to conceive a baby. If there is any problem then there are solutions too like the treatment of IVF and IUI but to get these treatment, diagnosis is the first step to know the exact problem. They have to consult a good and experienced gynecologist for their treatment. Ovaries have to be in good condition too in order to get the healthy egg. The liquid in there should be favorable for the survival of the sperm. If the liquid is too acidic then the sperm will die before reaching close to the egg and all the favorable sperms will be wasted that’s why complete diagnosis is important.