People who need to get the treatment of infertility will need to consult to a doctor because sometimes there is only a minor difficulty is there and sometimes there is a big issue which restricts in conceiving. To get the treatment you have to check the working of the fertility clinic Dubai along with the fame of the doctor. If the clinic is good and have all the facilities only then you should go to the doctor there for your treatment of IUI in Dubai. Here are few of the things which you need to check before you go to any clinic:

Cleanliness: You need to see and check the level of cleanliness there. If the clinic is not clean then how they can save the samples which they are taking for the tests and you may also get the infection or diseases from other people if they do not take care of the hygiene and the cleanliness. By cleanliness it means they have to clean everything from the test tubes to the bathrooms otherwise germs will get germinate there and people will get sick instead of getting the treatment.

Protection: All the staff there should use the protective measures to avoid mixing of the blood and sperm samples to give the accurate results. They need to wear gloves and masks while handling the samples and if they do not use them then they might mix up their sweat and saliva with the samples and it will ruin the results drastically you need to see their dressing and their way of handling the samples carefully.

Performance: When you are looking at the way of cleanliness and protective measure taking then you also need to check the performance of the staff there whether they are treating people with empathy or not. You also need to see whether they are working with loyal behavior or due to the fear of losing their job. If they fear only then they will not provide better results because they perform good only when there is any authoritative person near them but if they are working with loyalty and empathy then they will work better throughout the day no matter if they are being observed by someone or not. They should get the patient details and treat them fairly and console them if they need immediate help.