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The word ‘cosmetic’ has a Greek origin. It changed into derived from the word ‘kosmos’ that means to adorn or arrange. The popular mag Cosmopolitan additionally has this root.

Cosmetics wholesale in Dubai and best attar in UAE were an integral part of fitness and hygiene in historical Egypt. Ancient Egyptians used capsules and lotions to protect their pores and skin towards the dry wind and the sun. Natural oils were fundamental elements for perfumes that were extensively utilized in non-secular rituals.

Cosmetic surgical treatment is a booming enterprise worth $20 billion and it continues to grow. In the USA, the quantity of plastic surgical procedures has increased extra than 220% because of 1997.

Beauty organizations spend 25% of their sales on promoting and advertising and handiest 2-3% on studies and development. Pharmaceutical firms spend 15% of their income on studies.

The global beauty enterprise includes makeup ($18 billion), perfume ($15 billion), hair care ($38 billion), and pores and skin care ($24 billion). Every 12 months, Americans spend considerably more money on beauty than on education.

The global splendor industry is showing boom at up to 7% a yr that is more than two times the GDP rate inside the developed world. The first lipstick seemed in historical Mesopotamia approximately 4,000 years in the past when women embellished their lips with the dust that become a product of precious gems.

The first patented nail polish appeared in 1919 and it became faint red color. Modern artificial hair dye becomes invented in 1907 by way of the founding father of L’Oreal Eugène Schueller.