Starting Off With Charity

Starting Off With Charity

It is often said that charity starts at home and no more could this be more true than when dealing with disadvantaged sections of society at large.  Speaking of charity and being charitable, there are a few kinds of them to start with. Each has its own set of practitioners and each type has its own benefits too. It would be pertinent at this point to understand what drives charitable actions and what makes certain actions accountable as such.

De Addiction programs

This is a very basic form of charity to be practiced among the not so well off sections of society.  Most people that are addicted to substances and are prone to substance abuse tend to be from poorer backgrounds who cannot afford expensive programs to be enrolled in.  Often it is the lack of motivation that does people in and one of the best ways charities can contribute to the betterment of such sections of society is by doing a hand hold service to the needy.

Child nutrition

A malnourished child is future citizen who has gone to waste.  It is important for people to be well nourished and sufficiently in it too.  Many countries have launched programs aimed at keeping the nourishment needs of the children at hand. But even with all these points there needs to be sufficient care taken to keep the child healthy and well fed too.

Educating the disadvantaged 

When people consider disadvantaged sections of society for the cause of education, there are two categories.  There is the first adults who have passed the schooling age and then there are those who need to be lettered from the beginning.  Each set of categories needs to be handled in a different manner and it stands to good reason that people are sensitized to the plight of each one of the sub groups. 

But when it comes to teaching the letters to the younger folks, it takes a certain different set of skills. Here it is patience that counts to the better part of the activity in all cases.  Few people can afford to lose sight of those children who have been placed at a disadvantage due to sufficient care being given at the right time if at all.

Caring for the women folks

Although women and children do form a very disadvantaged section of society, it is the women who are at the receiving end of some of the worst atrocities so to speak. Since they are adults too, few people tend to take the issues seriously at a time. It takes a certain power other than money to enable the women folks and in good time too.


Dwelt at hand are some of the most pressing needs to be charitable to others. It is often the Christian spirit to extend a helping hand to the more disadvantaged sections of society and not just stand out as mute spectators.

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