Christian youth groups Pop Concerts

I have been listening to contemporary popular music concerts from the Christian youth groups for years now. One of them has been Avalon. The Creed is one of the greatest songs I have ever header from the group so far. They released this song in 2004, the year in which I graduated. I can also recall the other group and artists like Zach Williams, Cory Asbury, and Mercy-Me. All of them have devoted their time and life for the community welfare and awareness programs.

Music for Life

Music is an eternal form of energizing your life. It can motivate you, relax your mind, remove the stress from your body, and take you the fourth dimension of life. I started experiencing these feelings early in my life when was 14. I heard Beethoven for the first time then. It was symphony number 9. My inspiration became so high that I bought a violin and started practicing.

In the beginning, my focus was on the classical compositions from Mozart, Paganini, Bach, and others. The music was great but I felt it could have more life it’s rendering. At the age of 26 I started listening to Zach Williams. The music was very simple, yet it had a profound impact on my thinking. So, I started following him. I have also been an avid follower of Amy Grant, Casting Crowns, and Carman.

Today, I have chosen writing as the main career of my life. I travel places in Asia and Latin America to write about tourism, culture, religion, and traditions. I play instruments like violin and Spanish Guitar. I also sing the Christian songs in my concerts all over Asia and Latin America. Most of my programs are for the charitable communities.

Essence of Music

For me, the essence of music is in my central nervous system. Music in any form creates a feeling of mild vibrations in my body. They start from left ear, travel through the neck and spread to the brain and the spine. In the beginning, the feelings used to scare me. I thought there was something wrong in my physiology.

One fine day I contacted a psychologist in my city and explained the problem to him. He simply laughed and told me there is nothing wrong with me. He said my body and brain are too sensitive to sound. That was the day when I discovered the true essence of music in my existence and life.

Purpose of Music

Even after discovering the essence of music, I was still left with a void in my heart. The Christian youth group songs instilled a purpose in my life. I started experiencing the spirituality and the divinity of the music from then.

Today, I live a life of spirituality, sanity, and serenity with my family. I have been working with many enthusiastic men and women who have received the blessings of purposeful living through music. I invite you to read my future articles and get inspired by the divinity of the higher power.

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