Charitable Works of the Christian Youth Corps

Charitable Works of the Christian Youth Corps

Charity is a word that is largely misinterpreted in the present society. It is often associated with the alms you give out to the poor near the churches and on the streets. I have seen many of the rich showing little or no empathy with the poor and the underprivileged. Many of them feel they are doing a great favor by doing charity. Here is where the Christian Youth Corps play an important role in changing the definition of charity. It is now a social responsibility of every right-thinking citizen of our great nation.

Community Services

Community programs include education, training, de-addiction, and rehabilitation. The Christian Youth Corps cover male and female of all age groups from the newborn to the 90+. The programs start from feeding the malnutrition affected babies and children.  You can find them in all the church and government-sponsored hospitals and maternity centers. You can also come across many orphanages which care for the abandoned and orphan children.

Child Education

Child education is often an expensive task for parents in Asian and African countries. Thousands of children drop out before they reach high school. The Christian Youth Corps have taken up the teak of bringing such children back to school. The programs are also working efficiently in developed countries like the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Child Nutrition

More children die due to malnutrition than war and terrorism all over the world. The year 2016 saw over 5 billion deaths in 2016. One of the reasons has been the poor distribution of food to the needy and starving communities.

According to independent analysis, the USA wastes 40% of its food from total supplies. If the same foods were to be provided to the needy, the world food problems can be solved significantly. The average volume is stated to be 150K tons.  If you consider global statistics, it could be shocking.

Christian Youth Corps has been playing a highly responsible role in channeling the good quality and nutritious food from these sources to feed billions of children all over the world. 

Care for Women

Women are the sustainers and protectors of families. Yet, they haven’t got the due protection and nutrition all over the world. The Christian Youth Corps has been playing an important role in rehabilitating and restoring their health conditions. They take care of timely mediations, vaccinations, and other protective measures regularly. 

Education for women has been a limiting factor among the African and Asian counties. The villages and semi-urban population have seen very little or no growth at all. Here also, the Christian Youth Corps has been playing a critical role. You can see hundreds of primary and practical education and training for women. 

Practical training can help women in earning a livelihood through small businesses, handloom industries, teaching, and many other small professions. The programs have also helped thousands of African Americans who have remained uneducated and jobless.


You may also join the Christian Youth Corps as a volunteer and work for the betterment of the underprivileged communities. 

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