About Us

I am glad to have you on my blog. Welcome to my blog on Christian youth groups.  In this blog, I shall discuss the various aspects of youth with relevance to life, art, science, music, sports, and community aspects. I shall share some of the great service and activities of these groups like education, de-addiction, rehabilitation, etc. Opportunities are in plenty for today’s youth in almost every field you can think of.

I have seen many youths realize their dreams through the help of the Christian youth groups. They have limits of faith and religion. They work with people from all races, religions, nationalities, and communities. I have been blessed to work with such groups for the past many years.

Social Revolution

Log back, I had read about the American Revolution of April 1775, when the new nation called the United States was born.  The next was the French Revolution of 1799. They had a great impact on my thinking about how a society can evolve and improve. Today, I am seeing the emergence of Christian youth groups, which is causing a similar revolution.

Cultural Revolution

 The Christian youth groups have been spearheading a cultural revolution in every nation of the world. Descending from the traditional world of classical art, literature, and music, the groups have embraced popular music, rock, jazz, and other forms of fusion music.

Art has grown from classical forms to the modernist forms like never before. As I have seen, the Christian youth groups have accepted the concept of modern art. You can see its reactions in the forms of painting, woodwork, metalwork, and other handmade articles. In my blog, I shall explore the various factors which lead to the ultimate changes in the culture of the modern youth generation in the world today.

Thought Revolution

Your thought is your enemy by Anonymous. Many of the youth of today are caught up in the vicious circle of alcoholism and addiction. You can literally see the increase in the numbers every day. There could be many reasons and causes behind the addiction. Many of the youth who suffer from such addict inions don’t get the required help on time. It has lead to many premature deaths and cases of insanity.

I have been involved in the process of Detox and rehabilitation for the youth suffering from alcoholism and addiction. Being a part of the Christian youth groups, I have been involved in the rehabilitation works also. It has given me immense satisfaction to be able to serve someone who is still suffering.

Recovery and sobriety are the two great gifts from the Christian youth groups to their friends and communities. I have seen many of the addicts recovering and getting a new life. In my blog, I will introduce you to many of the active Christian youth groups, who are working with the addicts.

More than Religion

 I have come across many leaders from the Christian youth groups, who have been contributing to the growth and development of communities and cities. I will be taking you on a wonderful cross-continent virtual travel to explore their services in my blogs.